Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past – Week of February 25, 1941
112th Packs Up for Indiantown Gap Tomorrow
Kane Soldiers Complete Basic Training Today
There is a possibility of a brief parade through the business section tomorrow evening prior to entrainment of the 112th Regiment units of the 28th Division, U.S. Army for a year’s training at Indiantown Gap was disclosed this afternoon with the Chamber of Commerce inviting local organizations to participate in the historic event.

Picture of the New Ice Queen and Her Court of Honor graced the front page
Miss Dorothy Hau, the 1941 Ice Queen, and her court, are shown on stage at Crystal Springs rink just after the coronation at the Washington’s Birthday winter sports carnival here. Left to right, Miss Clarice (Tiny) McAllen, the Kane Ski Club’s snow queen, Miss Patricia Moran, of James City, Miss Ruby Holt, of Kane, Edward L Carlson, president of the Chamber of Commerce, Miss Hau, Miss Margaret Jenkins, of Kane, Miss Patricia Morris, Jamestown, N.Y. ice queen and Miss Mary Gezic, of James City.

Wolves Meet Warren Today
Dragons in Kane for Penultimate League Tilt
“Watch Conroy” Hilltop Slogan
The slogan of the Kane Wolves tonight when they meet the Warren Dragons on the Kane High School floor will be “watch Conroy” and if the team follows the slogan, they have a chance to upset their longtime foes.
This boy, Conroy, whose father was a star for the Warren High teams twenty years ago, is dangerous. He is possibly the best shot on the circuit and moves about the court with an obtrusiveness that is disarming. He is a first rate ball handler and plays his position skillfully.

Wilcox, Without Novosel, Loses to St. Marys 28-19
Wilcox High School dropped an exhibition tilt with St. Marys Central High on the Wilcox court last night 28-19. Loss of the services of Novosel, Wilcox scoring ace, was seen as a deciding factor in the game.
Novosel may be lost to Wilcox for the next few games as result of a mumps quarantine at his home. His brother is ill.

Sam Savoia Signs With Oil City Nine in Penn State Loop
Announcement was received today that Sam Savoia, 19 year old Kane athlete, has signed a baseball contract with the Oil City baseball team of the Pennsylvania state association, which is affiliated with the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues.

All Bulgarian Frontiers Closed
Nazi’s Complete Occupation of Balkan Nation
Greece Refuses to Desert Britain- Will Risk German Invasion Rather Than Betray Ally
R.A.F. Pounds Brest Docks in New Air Raids

2 Schoolboys Armed With 8 Guns Battle Police Three Hours
Patterson, New Jersey
Two 14 year old schoolboys climaxed a weekend of crime before dawn today by turning a deserted summer bungalow into a virtual arsenal and shooting it out for more than three hours with 15 policeman.
Armed with five rifles, three shotguns, and 1,000 rounds of ammunition, part of their three-day loot, the youths finally were routed out by tear gas bowls hurled through the bullet-shattered windows of the cottage on Echo Lake in West Wilford, N.J.