Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines of the Past – Week of June 9, 1936
Ludlow Women Form Tennis Club
A women’s association was formed at Ludlow last night to work in conjunction with the recently organized men’s association there in keeping the courts in condition and planning tournaments.

Work Started On First Dam At Twin Lakes
Entire Project Six Miles From Here To Cost $75,000
To Landscape Shore Line
One of the greatest steps for advancement of Kane as a year-around resort for western Pennsylvania was seen today with actual construction underway on the Twin Lakes development six miles south of Kane in the Allegheny National Forest.

Gypsies Rob Mount Jewett Famer of $87
A band of fast-stepping gypsies abandoned hocus-pocus and resorted to a little old-fashioned thievery this morning to relieve August Eliason, aged farmer of Kane RD 1, near Mt Jewett, of $87.
Eight carloads of gypsies- averaging up to a dozen per car- camped at Mt Jewett last night.

Improvements at Wildcat to Make it One of Best Ball Parks in Region
Determined to make their ball field the best between Buffalo and Pittsburgh and between Erie and Williamsport, officials of Ludlow Park are making further improvements this year which should help attract some of the outstanding independent clubs of the East next year when the Wildcats begin booking big games.

It Happened Years Ago
Items from the Republican Years Ago- From 1899, 37 Years Ago
Talk about having a gold mine. It is said that an Italian who is boss to 400 of his countrymen on a railroad job not far from here, gets $100 a day for his work. Each one of the men gives him 25 cents a day for having gotten them the jobs and for looking after their interests.