Headlines from the Past

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Kane Republican Headlines from the Past- Week of October 20, 1915
Suffrage Lost In New Jersey By Over 50,000
Women of That State Lose the Fight for Ballot
The Big Cities Against It
Women Hard Losers and Allege Unfair Methods But Will Renew the Fight Next Spring

The Authorities Are After M’Kean Sunday Hunters
Nimrods Who Go Into The Forest on Sabbath Day Warned
Several Have Been Fined
State Game Protector Kelly and Other State Officers Garbed As Hunters, Are Patrolling Nearby Forests- Coming Again Next Sunday

Jilted By Girl, Pt Allegany Man Lost His Reason
Superintendent of the County Home Took the Unfortunate Young Lover to the Warren Asylum

Ludlow Man Had A Narrow Escape Today
Engineer At The Tannery Had His Clothing Caught While Trying to Put On a Belt
F.W. Wike, the well-known day engineer for the J.J. Curtis Leather company had a most narrow escape from serious injury or perhaps death this morning, at 10:30 o’clock.

Employes Made An Attempt To Kill Foreman
Charles Stewart, of Jame City, Was Again Murderously Assaulted
Second Time In Few Months
Had Occasion to Find Fault With the Work of Woodsmen Who Attacked Him When His Back Was Turned

James City Child Died As Result Of Terrible Burns
Four Year Old Katie Busick Victim Of An Awful Accident
Her Clothing Caught Fire As She Was Playing About a Bonfire Saturday Evening, With a Number of Other Children, Died Sunday Morning